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July 18, 2011

Monday Morning Trust Walk

Hand picked this morning...

Google vs. Facebook: Which Can You Trust?
Am I wrong for continuing to think that there's humor in the fact that so many people are flocking to Google+ because they just don't trust Facebook with all their private information? These are the same people who've had gmail accounts for six or ...

[Personally, I'm for Google as well, I believe their slogan "do no evil" was sincere in it's intent and keeps them working for the good of humankind. Who do you trust more? MH]

If only Murdoch had seen the Edelman Trust Barometer… | Firstpost

If Rupert Murdoch had studied the Edelman Trust Barometer report, he could have seen how little consumers in his two largest markets trust NewsCorp – even if they consume the products and generate advertising dollars.

In the Edelman report, when respondents (globally) were asked, “How much do you trust the institution to do what is right?”, media scored 49% in 2011, up from 45% in 2010.

On the role of trust in climate communication | Climate Etc.
By Judith Curry
Much has been written on the need for better communication of climate science and for rebuilding trust in the wake of Climategate. Such efforts are generally dismissed by climate skeptics as manipulative and further increase distrust. ...
Climate Etc.

[This is an interesting debate that pits science against "beliefs". The discussion applies to anyone trying to motivate others, i.e. which do you use facts or emotion when creating a case? MH]


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