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May 04, 2011

NOW CASTING: Women Working in Touch or Interesting Jobs

Are you ready for your closeup? This opportunity came into my email today. The clock's ticking, if you fit the job description act in the next two weeks. This is NOT a back-biting, reality show. The style will be more like a documentary. 

Do you take a lot of flak for working in a so-called “Man’s job?”  Are people often shocked that you’re employed in such a tough environment?  Are you tired of having to repeatedly explain that women are fully capable of doing the rough work that men can?  Is it time to expose the reality of your chosen profession to the world?

A Major Television Production Company is currently seeking women who work in jobs that may be considered tough, interesting or dangerous.  Would the day-to-day struggles and successes of your line of work make a great reality show?

Please submit the following to RealityTelevisionCasting@gmail.com:

1.  Name

2.  Phone Number and Email address

3.  A current photo of you and any co-workers that are interested, if applicable

4.  A description of your job and what makes your work dangerous

5.  A description of why you think your line of work needs to be showcased

6.  Statistics on your job (how many people work with you, the environment in which you typically work, anything further describing your occupation)


Brandon McCormick

FremantleMedia NA

Casting / Development Producer

818.480.7167 O

213.503.1876 C




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