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May 18, 2011

Bag it. Tag it. Tell it. (in Facebook)

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How are you changing the world? Changing political parties? Changing the way you eat? Changing the way you interact with others?

How about changing the way you interact with Companies? 

Companies are now able to scan every blog, RSS feed, Tweet, Facebook post, and comments to all of the above for brand names, hot issues, whatever... They are listening intently for what we are saying, who we are saying it too, what products we mention, and if what we said was positive or negative. 

So think about the ramifications of that; just by reporting what you do daily on Facebook and other places you can have a huge impact on corporations. All you have to do is TAG a picture of what you bag during your last shopping trip and name drop product names along with your pro/con feelings.  

Pictured is my bag of goodies from the Orange, CA Farmer's Market. This is the Market's second week of existence. I was looking for organic and pesticide-free products. By giving a positive plug for the new Orange, CA Farmer's Market on Cypress and Palm (Saturday's) and for Organic Food, I put my mouth where my money just went.

Why Tagging works.

In a recent Fast Company article, the author implied that TAGGING pictures in Facebook is a far more effective way to get a company's attention than hitting the "LIKE" button. *Like* isn't buying, but once you buy something, you carry more clout. 

I'm going to make it a habit on my FB page going forward. What I purchase is a tiny vote, but posting what I bought and maybe telling others why will have an impact on the marketing world for decades.

For the record, I purchase organic fruits and vegetables because my husband's immune system is already compromised and shouldn't process more pesticides. I also shop at Whole Foods and Mother's Market.  I stopped shopping at Trader Joe's because I don't trust that their "organic" label is telling the truth. They need to earn my trust back. 


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