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December 09, 2010

How to write a complaint letter.

Tiz the season for things to go wrong. You can jump on one of the complaint site links on the left and vent, but before you do be prepared and professional in your communications. Below are some great tips from a site on Internet providers. 
  1. Getting your complaint to the right person and for sure the correct department will hopefully hasten a response.  Typing your letter will be better than hand written, however if you are not equipped to type then make extra sure your handwritten letter is legible and free of muss.
  2. Date the letter
  3. Name of the Company
  4. Address it as you would any letter with city, state, zip. Adding:  ATTN:  (name of person or department to whom the complaint is addressed)
  5. Give the date of purchase and having a copy of the receipt and where you purchased the item is of great value, as well as the serial number and model. Be brief and to the point of what you perceive the problem to be.  Also let them know what you expect them to do about it.  It isn’t necessary to be sarcastic or rude, there may be time for that later, but to this point you have not dealt with anyone rude.  Realistically you have a malfunctioning product you want replaced, repaired or refunded.  So tell them about it.
  6. Let them know how much time you will reasonably give them to handle the problem.  Include your contact information and your hours available to take their call.
  7. You might want to ask if the item should be returned for exchange.
  8. Make copies of all the receipts, and other pertinent information that goes with the product.
  9. Don’t send your originals.  Send copies.
  10. I am old fashioned enough to still sign my letters with “Sincerely Yours”, or “Yours Truly”.  It exudes professionalism on your part.  It is a tried and true closing to a business letter.

For other useful tips go here.


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