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October 08, 2010

80,000 synthetic drugs... how many are in you?

October is breast cancer awareness month - 1 in 8 women will have it. Usually email reminders from friends start showing about now to remind me to get my screening.

This time why don't we also start screening our products? Begin by asking the question, "what's in this can/box/bag anyway..." Some day all products will be put through life cycle assessments and pass sustainable standards that will keep toxic chemicals out out of supply chains, until then start asking...

Dedicated to Laura, I miss your calls. 


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Hi Mary,
Thanks for posting this--

Here is a link to the pdf for the Breast Cancer Funds "State of Evidence Report" it was just released this week--
You can also order 'hard copies' on their website-

Link to pdf


OK--the full title of the Report is

"State of the Evidence" The Connection Between Breast Cancer and the Environment.....

Thanks for Report link Coral, I'll read up on it this weekend.

Breast Cancer is very worst disease and mainly facing by womens in large numbers. Thanks for the link Coral...

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