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October 20, 2009

A Mindful Momma is more than "Practically Green"...

... She's practically everyone's Grandma. (sorry Micaela, but you gave me a flashback)

In her new book, Practically Green, Micaela Preston embodies women of another age who understood how to make their own cleaning supplies, create their own fun and COOK!  Practically Green provides all the tips that you'd normally get from working side-by-side a sage woman of the house, but with a green twist. It won't take you a lifetime to learn however, Micaela takes the learning curve done to a month or less. 

Picture 12 Micaela, who also authors the Mindful Momma blog, created this delightful book that's a joy to read and hold in your hand. At 5-1/2 by 7 inches, its small size makes it easy to carry in your purse for a reference while shopping. 

Like many of the how-to-be-green books it's jammed with ideas and fun facts for keeping your family toxin-free. What makes it different is the tone. Facts come at you in small bites with lots of pictures that draw you through the book. 

It would make a perfect stocking stuffer, but it might be more fun to follow Micaela's instructions for making lip balm or fizzy bath balls from scratch and give green gifts this year. Or, instead of making a fruit cake you might want to bring Very Veggie Loaf to the holiday open houses. Why not? At least the Very Veggie Loaf will be eaten.

This isn't green for the sustainable die hards, it's green for the rest of us who just want to live our lives a bit better, but don't know where to start or how to stay motivated. The book will keep you busy trying its recipes and crafts and also give you tips for getting food and glue out of clothing. Or, dump the clothes and try the vanilla sugar body scrub.

Start inserting these practical changes into your family and your grandchildren will remember who taught them what to do. 


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