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July 05, 2009

Smart Mama is out to create a LOT of Smart Mamas...

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If you've been following this blog, then you've read the increasing trend in topics around toxic households. Included in that group are endocrine-disruptors that can mess with your sex life. 

Last week in the  Sunday's NY Times, Kristof's opinion piece provided a long write up on the short comings of all males, not just human, due to endocrine disruptors. While he gave fact after fact on where the stuff was coming from, he didn't provide answers. It must have hit a nerve, however, as 171 people commented on his blog on the same topic.

What's a mother to do? These chemicals and more are messing with our bodies and our children's bodies. 

Then along comes Smart Mama's Green Guide: Simple steps to reduce your child's toxic chemical exposure, by Jennifer Taggart

Jennifer is part of the Green Mom Carnival crowd and also practices environmental law. Instead of covering all the eco-bases in her book as others have done, she focuses on ONLY toxins - from how they got into her body to what she's doing to keep her home free of them for her children. 

Toxins are the #1 eco issue when it comes to green moms. If you're a marketer of consumer goods and you need to know what will put a customer over the edge, I suggest you get a copy of Smart Mama's Green Guide and keep it in the department library.

Jennifer does not sugar coat anything. She cites example after example of how bad some highly marketed products are for your home. If fear is the best motivator, then this book is will leave you very motivated. She also is very clear on what the government is doing and NOT doing to protect citizens. 

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Jennifer exposes us to new terms such as body burdens, i.e. how much can a 5-pound bundle of joy handle? Small bodies, large risks. Watch Jennifer on FOX News testing toys here. 

She covers some sustainable product standards that are beginning to get toxins out.  I'd like to hear more from her on what standards (if any) are the best.  

Anyone who isn't afraid to find out what's in their carpets, clothes, foam and cleaning chemical will find this well documented book will have an accumulating effect on them. 


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