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July 07, 2009

Judith Helfand takes on Vinyl.

Picture 4 My thanks Mario for flagging this older but very poignant film called Blue Vinyl by Judith Helfand and Daniel B. Gold  on the same day that the Plastics Industry announces a $10 million campaign to tell us how safe plastics are. 

I haven't seen the campaign and can't comment on the types of plastics it covers, but after watching this film, I'll be watching the campaign with a new level of questions.

Below is a snippet of the whole documentary. (thanks again Mario)

Watch it for the subject matter.
Watch it for how to create award winning documentaries.
Watch it for how the spin factor happens when direct questions are asked.

Then keep that in mind when watching the $10 million worth of commercials.

BTW, SMaRT is only one sustainable standard that I know of that will not certify products as "sustainable" if they have any PVC's in their supply chain.

Blue Vinyl - Documentary Highlights of the Toxic Plastic from Mario Vellandi on Vimeo.


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