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July 02, 2009

Go Ask Alice to do your Shopping

You want easy? Go ask Alice.

You want green? Go ask Alice.

Picture 2 Alice.com is the new shopping site that promises to deliver the best priced items that you routinely buy to your door. The green items aren't there in mass yet, but that's ok, at least "Alice" has made it easy for you to find them and buy them along with your other purchases.

That's what I like about Alice. 

In a few years the world will be green and we won't need to have a special spot for such things. On the other hand we will need excellent service and a way for manufacturers to sell directly to the consumer, by-passing retail and saving us cash. It finishes what Amway started only with a better business model. 

If you are a greenie and concerned about toxins in your stuff, you can click on the expanded information label and read about the ingredients. The carbon footprint for hand delivery is high for now, but again, the future for transportation is also greening up. My one wish? Add some organic, fair trade whole bean coffee. 

Check it out. It's part personal shopper and all convenience. Who needs 47,000 choices at a mega store when all you want is a decent soap?  

Once you've made your choices, Alice sends you reminders based on your projected need. It's the perfect choice for busy moms or shut-in grand parents in the middle of winter. Hummm, on top of that SunnyGram in the last post, this could make a very nice monthly present for eldest in our society.


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Thanks so much for the kind post! We're all greenies in the office ourselves so we couldn't launch a site without our favorite products :) If you ever see a product or brand that we don't have just email support (at) alice dot com and they'll notify you if we're able to bring it on the site. Thanks again!

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