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May 11, 2009

Story of Stuff hits 5.5 million viewers and the NY Times

What's it take to get mass media's attention? Apparently 5.5 million viewers. That's where Story of Stuff ranks now according to their front page. Last weekend the NY Times took notice. Thank you (again) Annie Leonard for such inspirational work.

I first reviewed this remarkable 20 minute video a month after it came out. On the high heels of my last post on the Mother of Capitalism, it's time to tie both of these thoughts together - the buying moms of the world making GOOD capitalist decisions. It's our duty and our responsibility.

Those decisions include buying LESS STUFF and things that LAST LONGER and things that DON'T HARM THE EARTH. As the dominate buyers, it's our duty to make smart purchasing decisions.

Detractors argue that Story of Stuff doesn't help, only scares people. Yep. It does and thank goodness it does because fear is a far better motivator than "feel better." There is a very good solution already here in the form of sustainable product standards. All women have to do is demand that they are used.

Sustainable Product Standards will make sure all stuff, is the right stuff. Stuff


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