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February 10, 2009

The Green Mom Carnival Wins a Shorty Award

GM shorty Green mom carnival Tonight,  members of our Green Mom Carnivalwill be in NY to accept a Shorty Award in the GREEN CATEGORY. Go Girls!  Shorty Awards (Twitter) go to the best producers of short content under 140 characters.

Lynn Miller (Organicmania) organized the Green Moms Carnival last year. Each month different bloggers in the core group host a topic, but between those times whatever we post shows up on twitter.com/greenmoms. Maryanne Milker, (The Not Quite Crunchy Parent) created the Twitter connection. That one site became a clearing house for our day-to-day postings. She is also starting a Facebook spot. Like most of us, Maryanne isn't new to social media, she's also a lead writer for GreenOptions. Go here for a full list of who is in the founding group.

It should also be noted that between postings there are a LOT of emails, twitters and postings circulating as we help each other become greener in our homes and our professions -trademarks or toxins, sales or sustainability, it all gets discussed. And why not? In our founding group are authors, lawyers, environmental engineers, activists, marketers, and messengers. There's not a slacker among us.

NEXT UP: Anna Hackman who is a lawyer and LEED AP (GreenTalk) captured the moment in and the mamas who made this happen on video. 


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Mary, what a wonderful tribute you've written! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support. It is amazing how much this little group has impacted our lives, isn't it? And I'm so glad you're a part of it -- you and all the other "Mothers of the Earth!"

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