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December 02, 2008

Too many cloth shopping bags?

I have about 20 cloth shopping bags in my closet. I love them. Besides cutting back on the plastic footprint of the planet, they hold a lot more than the plastic bags. I can carry two fully loaded on each shoulder and then two to three more in my hands - that's seven bags and me going up the stairs. Who needs a stairmaster?

Bagbiners The problem I had with all these mixed bags is what to do with them while shopping?  I solved that by clicking them to the side of my cart.

I know, it's such a little annoyance, but it became a bigger one every time I shopped, they took up space, the groceries were always on top of them and when it came time to use them, I couldn't dig them out fast enough before the bag boy had everything thrown into a plastic bag. Sighhhh.

Since I started clicking them to the side, my shopping life is easier and many women have stopped me and asked where I got the clip. Since there wasn't a place, I started a website for bagbiners.  Go here and get your own personalized clip. Or get a stack of them straight from the factory and hand them out for stocking stuffers. Let me know how they work for you.


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we just have the bagger put the groceries back in the cart (like they do at Aldi) and we bag them ourselves when we get back to the car. This also allows us to bag them according to where the items belong in our kitchen.

Hadn't thought about using a caribeener to hold them off the cart though, great idea.

Cute. I like the sea turtle. You haven't found a fish, have you? I'd totally order some Fake Plastic Fish ones if fish shapes existed.

Laura - I've had all the groceries put back in the cart, just because I forgot my bags. Only did that once and now I remember.

Beth - I do have a fish, but I kept it off because it didn't seem large enough to really be functional. The foot has that issue, but it's so perfect for this cause that I left it in.

check these out!! great idea !! I too have oodles of shopping bags but my darn paper ones are still hanging on - a yr later ? maybe more??

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