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December 02, 2008

Heather & Renee Talk Late Night Trash

If you have a serious case of green fatigue and don't think you can recycle one more thing, check out Heather and Renee's informative spot on Nightline. My thanks to Lynn Miller for reminding us that it's worth the 7:44 minutes of inspiration they provide. (I agree!) 


You'll want to go directly to their Enviromom site to view the show as they've added all the links you need want below the video.  

Why this works to change our green ways:

  • Heather and Renee are the real deal.
  • They use a pragmatic approach vs. idealism.
  • They offer the best advice for a lasting difference, create the bins first.
  • They prove that even a busy family can recycle.
  • Nightline gave it 7:44 minutes which allows for a full story, not a soundbite. (thanks Nightline) 

My thanks to Heather and Renee for doing, teaching and training others to recycle. If you need more motivation, go rent Wall-E or view the 20 minute video www.storyofstuff.com.


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