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August 04, 2008

How to Produce an Effective Green Campaign

How do you motivate the masses when you don't have much money or even an Internet connection? Thanks to Kimberly Klintworth, who put together GoodTube, you can get ideas from all over the world. Below is an example of how one man mobilized his area of Mexico. Salvador managed to cut the burning of local forests in half and clean up the rivers as well through Campaign Pride.


GoodTube is a non profit, non religious enterprise, and it is 100 percent free. The site also provides tips for producing quality video of your non-profit's good work. Let me know when you add your video and I'll feature it here.


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Did you see that the Kelley Blue Book is now producing a green guide? I can save about $3 a month if I trade in my current car and buy a Yaris according to the guide.

Great blog!! Very helpful info here :)

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