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August 28, 2008

Time to start a class war...

... over which class in school can be greener! 

It's back to school time and the green moms are on the move to push for schools to teach and reach higher, greener standards.

The Eco Mom Alliance are sending more back to school besides their kids this year, in a recent newsletter members of the alliance received a full school fix-it kit of ideas:

ACTION PLAN. We suggest the following based on ease of implementation, cost, efficacy and impact:

  1. Organize an environmental committee or Green Team at your school or within your district.
  2. Create an action plan that enables you to clearly set goals, track progress and delegate action items.
  3. Implement Recycling in all classrooms and school offices - and to buying recycled papers for all campus activities.
  4. Waste Free Lunch Campaign
  5. Lead A Transportation Efficiency Campaign
  6. Toxin Free Campus Campaign - specifically cleansers and fertilizers
  7. Encourage EcoLiteracy in the Classrooms
  8. Transition to Energy Efficiency in Campus Infrastructure

Drop me a note if you'd like the expanded list.

Jennifer Caronna created green fundraising for schools. Her Fund Raising Green

biz takes you away from the world of chocolate and gift wrap paper and into local businesses who are doing their part to transform the economy. Call Jenny to learn more about her great program.

Lunch_1I'd like to push my own plan to save money and keep waste low - the lunchbox. I can remember every one of my boxes. My favorite was an oval tin with a red plaid side and a brown lid. Even curvy bananas fit inside and after lunch was gone, it also became my carryall for whatever I picked up on the way back home. A paper bag just didn't cut it. 

Check out Lunchboxes.com, it has a huge selection of kitch and mainline styles.

And if you have kids going to a Catholic school, there's even a lunch box for them. Going green was never more fun.Lunch_2


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Great tips- this should get us all excited

The eco-literacy piece they're proposing is particularly important. State budgets have cut environmental education to shreds, even though our kids' futures are tied completely to their environmental future. It's critical to lobby for more funds to give kids an understanding of the environment and how their actions impact the planet.

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