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July 13, 2008

Mindful Mama: Creating a better environment from the inside out

I love writing about companies who give to readers and give back to the world. Today I heard from Mindful Mama Magazine that provides new moms information on making their pregnancy and the baby's first home safer and also gives 2% of it's cash to helping other mothers around the world. While giving birth is an every-minute occurrence, it isn't being given the attention that Mindful Mama will be giving the experience.

Taken from their press release:

"The original Mindful Mama is mother, yoga instructor, and birth advocate Sarah Kraft. She has brought together a group of passionate mothers, doctors, midwives, entrepreneurs and artists who are all committed to a healthy future for mom, baby and the planet.

Mindful Mama actively promotes: [I especially like this stand that they are taking. Bravo!]

Products that are non-toxic to mom and baby
Products and services produced using sustainable practices
Companies that make efforts to green their workspace
Companies that actively work to reduce their carbon footprint
Companies that donate a portion of profits to a good cause
Mother-owned businesses or parent-friendly workplaces

Built on the same platform as Facebook, www.mindfulmamamagazine.com is the first social network to connect moms directly with birth professionals and wellness practitioners-including obstetricians, midwives, doulas, birth educators, yoga instructors, massage therapists and naturopathic doctors.

In 2008, 2% of Mindful Mama profits will be donated to International Midwife Assistance (IMA). IMA is a charitable, nonprofit, humanitarian organization, whose mission is to raise the standard of maternal/infant care in developing nations and areas experiencing crises in maternal/infant care. IMA trains midwives and other healthcare workers and delivers medical supplies, medications, and teaching aids and is currently active in Uganda, with hopes of expanding into Haiti.

I've never been a natural Mom, so can't relate to whether this is really useful or not. Any moms out there care to comment?


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Hello, founding mama here. Mary, your book is brilliant and I was delighted to find your post this morning. Yesterday, we launched a "what does it mean to be a mindful mama photo/art/essay contest". We're awarding over $10,000 in prizes to our favorite submissions and have posted an exclusive interview with singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco on our website to get the creative juices flowing.

Being a “mindful mama” is not about being a green mom, a yoga mom or an organic mom. It's about so much MORE than where we give birth or whether we vaccinate or where we send our kids to school. Being a mindful mama means approaching parenthood with awareness and confidence; feeling empowered to make the best choice for our selves, our children and our community…

-- Though you may not consider yourself a "natural" mama, I would contend that you embody "mindful mama" in every sense of the word!

I invite you and your readers to view the Ani DiFranco interview and/or contribute submissions to our contest at www.mindfulmamamagazine.com

Hope to see you on our site soon!

Sarah - I'm happy to support you however I can.

I needed something like this 25 yrs ago - I needed to know that my convictions about breastfeeding, cloth diapers, homemade baby food and cleaning w/ vinegar weren't weird. I felt tremendously alone and resourceless - finding good quality information was a huge challenge. How wonderful it is now for today's moms to feel a sense of community about the things they believe in

It gives new meaning to Mother's of Invention, eh? Hummm, guess you have to be a certain age to get that joke...

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