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July 11, 2008

Natural Networkering at Work

If there was one big gift that women give the world and business, it's networking.

Yesterday I met Sande Hart for coffee. Two years ago, Sande sat at my table at a Gather the Women function and told me that her mission is to bring peace to the world through interfaith exploration. Her growing group, called SARAH, impresses me still. Sande is a people connector and is also a big advocate for living the green life.

After a quick regroup, Sande decided that I needed to meet her two friends, Sheri and Margaret, who work with www.ocice.org, a large group of interfaith/greenies in Orange County who recently launched an initiative to have all 900 or so churches in OC resolve to live more in tune with the planet. I see in my email box, an E-intro has been extended. Thanks Sande!

Later that day I attended the Women's Summit, which I learned about through Nina Burokas. (I met Nina at BlogHer) The Summit takes about 80 women, adds wine, a speaker and then gives us a chance to intro-date two tables of women for the soul purpose of identifying synergies for future business.

As fate would have it, at my table, I sat between a Laura Curran, the owner of Greengood.net and Jamie Welsh, the founder of 10%Solution and her pal Krista Thomas who also works for Reuters. Talk about green luck.

Our table also held our hilarious speaker for the evening, Kim Shepherd, Debra Trujilio who has launched a "how to Manage your money program for kids" while holding down a Senior VP job for Primerica. Ali McDermott Wilcox, an attorney for Sedgwick, and Teigue Thomas, the VP and General Counsel for Gateway.

I could have talked all night to any one of them. but we still had another round table of people to meet.

Table two brought me face-to-face with Glenda DeLuca who focuses on natural products; Christina Bergmann, marketer at large; our hostess Ashley Sattar now the Director for Corporate Sponsorships for Big Brothers and Sisters; Lynn Halstead, Financial Services; Debra Garcia, Artisian Wines; and finally to my right, Carol Kurimsky, VP Marketing for Ingram Micro.

Missing in action from the lineup is the one gal who didn't have a business card with her and I couldn't hear her name well from my chair, and I can't forget Paula Noone who I met when I first got in the door.

One day, 18 women, all of whom are self-selected networkers or they would not have been out and about. I'm always impressed at how fast we bond and our willingness to share information. It's very reaffirming and gives me hope for the work ahead of us all.


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