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May 02, 2008

ORGANIC STYLE no longer an Oxymoron

In the 60s organic style meant wrapping myself in hemp and not wearing makeup. Today I can actually say the word "style" along with organic and have a different vision.

Organic_styleCheck out the new magazine called Organic Style. Get your free copy here. It covers women's green issues but with an even split of men and women contributing ideas. That's the 50/50 I've been waiting for, along with topics that can we can all live with. 

This issue features Julie Butterfly Hill who spent 2 years living on top of a tree to keep it from being cut down. That's walking the walk!  Thank goodness we don't have to do that anymore to make a point. It also covers Denis Hayes, the first Earth Day coordinator. He compares Earth Day 1969 with Earth Day now, offering us all perspective and hope. (I'm with him on carbon credits.)

Let me know what you think of it.


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