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April 09, 2008

Whose Survey is Right, Edelman's or BlogHer's?

Blogher_biz_backs_4 BlogHer Biz didn't disappoint this year. If you missed it, here are some opening stats. I'll add more info as the week goes on. It's too much to put into one post.

Last year BlogHer Biz was just figuring out what and who to talk about. This year there were case studies and surveys with enough data to cure the questionable. One of the interesting findings can be located on page 13 of a survey that BlogHer took of 6000 women some bloggers, others just readers of blogs. In that 40% of bloggers believed that their blog's biggest impact was fostering relationships with their readers and 38% thought they were relating to someone who cares about the same things that they do.

That's in line with the Edleman survey that Steve Rubel addressed on "Trust in Peers Trumps A-List". Some 58% of opinion elites 35-64 in 18 countries said they trust "a person like me." However it goes on to say, "Meanwhile, only 14% trust bloggers - a figure that has largely remained flat since 2006."

Hummmm..... On one hand the BlogHer bloggers think they are doing it to earn trust and on the other hand, the readers in the Edleman survey reported they didn't trust information from Bloggers. Confused? So was I, especially when later in BlogHer's survey they found that over 50% of the readers would go to a blogger for advice and information. If you're going to someone for advice and information, you trust them. (chart below)

Blogs_source_of_info_2 So what's the deal? Why only 14% with Edelman and 50% for BlogHers? They both surveyed a huge population. I looked at Edelman's report to see they surveyed just women or was it 50/50 men/women Edelman didn't state it. I'm going to assume it was a mixed crowd, however, and maybe that's where the trust factor split. If anyone knows for sure, please tell me.

Let's say it was a mixed bag for Edelman, in that case, you have men in the survey answering whether they would trust a blogger or not thereby bringing down the "over 50%" to 14%. Or maybe they didn't see bloggers as "just like them" even if they have the same likes and dislikes. Now I'm really curious. Or maybe it's because we/women don't see A Listers as someone we can't know. We trust Oprah. She's the ultimate in A Listers.

At least I know for sure, in the case of BlogHer bloggers and their readers that there is a high trust factor going on between them, and that's something that women bloggers and readers need to know about each other. In Women We DO Trust.

It's also something that business needs to know, if you want to put your money on a blog site that has high trust value, put it with a women blogger.

Comments? How far off do you think I am?


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