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April 16, 2008

Hey Starbucks (and ladies) I have an idea...

Gals, would you boycott Starbucks if they switched all their coffees to those that were good for the planet and people? I didn't think so. Would you let them know that? Maybe they'll switch out faster.

Img_0684_3At 5:45am this morning I'm remembering that we don't have coffee in the house. EEK. We don't function without our morning blast off, and ever since we bought the Cuisinart grind and brew we must have real beans. It's too early for our grocery store, but the corner Starbucks is open.

Ten minutes later, I begin to search the racks for organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee. They had it last time, but this time only "organic" was available and only one option. I mention my dismay to the cashier to which he commented that Starbucks can't offer them all because everyone has their favorite brew. (Humm, and how did they get a favorite? Someone at Starbucks gave them that option.)

Img_0685_3 "What? Are you kidding me?" I ask, "Starbucks can put a coffee shop on every corner, but stocking the shelves with organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee isn't possible?"

"Here, take the idea card and submit it," he countered from the counter. I flipped over the card and there is MyStarbucksIdea.com. Good for them. So, I added my vote to the fair trade, organic and shade grown pile.

Starbucks is like everyone else right now. They want to do the right thing. They've done tons of right things already such as health care for part-timers and fair wages along with a consistent service that has become everyone's office and livingroom away from home. Help them make the next big decision to stock and serve nothing, but organic, fair trade and shade grown coffee.

They already know they have to do this, it's just a matter if enough people talk about it and ask. Am I wrong? Would you be upset if everything offered at Starbucks carried the triple bottom line?


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would this be like asking mcdonalds to use organic apples in their happy meals ??

Dear Mother... If McDonald's didn't stop at an apple it sure would be. If Starbucks went all organic think about the psychological impact on society A) It makes a massive cultural and corporate statement and B) It works to reeducate millions of adults everyday over and over and over. It would be like going to a Weight Watchers meeting or AA each day.

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