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December 21, 2007

It takes one to know one...

C.B. Whittemore knows MANY (women that is) she's one of the nation's top women biz bloggers. In Today's post she champions more of them. If you're in retail you'll want to read this. I won't recap the full post, but here's a snip of what's in store...

+ Wendy Werner from Carpet Town in Milwaukee, WI: "... Werner says being a woman helped her better focus her business. She and her staff have remodeled the outside and the inside of her 10,000 square-foot showroom to make it softer and warmer, which caters to middle and upper-end female customers. 'We wanted to show we can sell fashion to women,' she said. Special touches include a friendly receptionist who greets every customer, private workstations and cookies, coffee and tea served daily..."

No big news? Everyone knows how to do that? Maybe. It's in the execution where things come off as genuine or not. That's where a women's retail touch is more than where to place the table or the friendly receptionist, it's an attitude and a pervasive feeling that washes over the entire business.

If you read between the posts, here's the other "no new news" that's just business as usual for women - Word of Mouth marketing - how to get people not just talking, but endorsing you in a genuine way. If you're in retail and wondering how to get more of free advertising, begin by focusing on the little details and hire more women.

Even Best Buy learned that lesson. The more women sales people they had on the floor, the higher the sales. Think about that. I'm quite sure that both genders received the exact same training, so the only difference was the way the female sales reps naturally treat customers vs. male sales reps.

Like C.B., I'm not a male hater, I'm a look-for-what-works, person. When it comes to retail, it takes one to know one and to keep the conversation going until a sale is made.


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Mary, you are too wonderful! Thank you for amplifying this message, for elevating it and for saying such nice things about me.

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