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November 03, 2007

A little skip to my loo...

BathroomRats, the week got away from me and I missed taking part in the Bathroom Blogfest. (closed on Nov. 2)

I invite readers to take a look at this profile of entries, however, which came from all women bloggers and one man. There is much to be learned by party host and businesses alike. Take the survey and find out what's the most important thing in such a room. Today the blog also features a hilarious video on proper loo-etiquette for men.

Next year ladies - count me in! Below are the faces of contributors. For quick gander of their bath perspective check out Toby's post.

If you are looking for inspiration on how women see the world, this would be it.


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A bathroom blog huh, It did make for some interesting pionts.

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