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October 23, 2007

Maybe it's the fire talking...

I'm sitting here surrounded by flames, to the north, south and east of me. Only the ocean keeps them from being west as well. It's pretty frightening to see the news reports with the great numbers of homes that now gone along with the forest. Over 280,000 have been evacuated. I'm ok, only because of the cement to tree ratio of Orange County.

Ironically on Sunday night, CBS 60 Minutes had a report on mega fires. Due to 78 more days of "summer," things are drier longer and at higher elevations producing more fires than ever before. A mega fire kills off the tough Ponderosa Pines that normally can live through anything. That means that forests become deserts. In the case of Arizona's fire, 2 million acres are now desert with the prediction that they won't come back about for another 100 years, if then.

It's pretty depressing. Climate Change is knocking at all our doors.

On the happy side, (and there is a happy side) these fires, Georgia's drought, the tornados in Brooklyn - are all bringing people together in a way that we probably won't appreciate for a couple more years. Today I received an email from one of my SoCal gal pals, reminding me where to go for fire help (or to help others). She is one of those connectors that can get the word out on a person-to-person level.

That's where women shine, on that personal one-to-one level - all those jokes we e-mail, calls we make, birthday cards we send, parties we hold - this is when those connections pay off. That's where motivation truly begins, when ONE other person who knows you, reaches out.

I can't say thank you ENOUGH to the women who are helping to get the word out on the business of climate change. They are lighting a fire under their collective readership and friend base; creating awareness, educating others on standards and expectations, bringing worthwhile products to everyone's attention or helping us just say "No" to stupid.

We've been inundated with messages about the environment, but many of us haven't responded until the message became personal. Some need a fire before getting personally motivated, others just need to know that one friend cares as much as they do.

Diane, Yvonne, Elana, Toby, Marianne, Holly, Nina, Kirsten, Kim, Ashley, Sande, Nancy, Andrea, Kate, Sue, Rebecca, Andrea, Jenny,Celeste, Barbara, Victoria, Kristin, Christine, Katharine, Laura, Jill, Judy, Virginia, Cooper, Emily, Coral... Thank you all for caring and sharing your concern with others.

I feel better now. Sometimes it just takes knowing that you aren't alone.


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I hope you are packed and ready if you need to move fast. Take care of yourself.

I can't believe how serene you sound, Mary, in the midst of so much happening. I've been thinking about you. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

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