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June 26, 2007

The Wisdom of Crowds of Bloggers. Post your first vote now.

Bloghers_actThink of it - 11,000 blogger all talking about the same topic for one full year. All of them carving their opinions into the Internet cave wall and asking others to carve in theirs. All those opinions being picked up by companies who pay to know what blogger's think.

Wisdom_of_the_crowds_2  James Surowiecki, stated on Wisdom of the Crowds that "the many are smarter than the few and how collective wisdom shapes businesss, economies, societies and nations."  BlogHers ACT is out to prove or disprove that notion. (great read, BTW, pick up a copy)

If you want to be a part of it, sign on and select your topics. It's FREE TO DO and you can participate as a BlogHer or him.Consider it part of a mini-experiment in self-actualization.

I'm keeping my figures crossed that the "crowd" will pick Global Warming and then specifically hone in on Sustainable Standards which will keep our little capitalistic ways in line while lowering emissions. It's specific and very trackable goal that will force companies into compliance faster than any law. It also needs to be done NOW in order to be put into action over the next 10 critical years. Once a "real plan" for curing global warming is in place, then we can focus on all the other excellent suggestions. Saving the world from irreversible global warming and economic collapse seems like job #1 to me.

The market needs to be rattled. You would think by now that everyone knows about global warming and are working to help stop it. Manufacturers, retailers and consumers all need to be educated. The sales person I talked to today needs some guidance. He works at one of the biggest furniture store chains in the US. (30% of the CO2 going into the atmosphere is from clearcutting or burning of our forests, homes and furniture use a lot of wood)

MARY: I'm looking to replace my two livingroom chairs, do you have any green or sustainable furniture that I could look at?

SALES PERSON: We have a chair with micro fiber, that's pretty durable.

MARY: I mean green, or eco-friendly.

SALES PERSON: I've afraid it only comes in teal. (I wish this was a joke, but he really said that.)

Needless to say, the conversation stopped. Even if they did have something, this dude wasn't going to be able to explain what made it safe to buy.

Until both sides of the buyer/seller equation are up to speed, we have no hope of making this world sustainable and emission free.


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