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April 20, 2007

One Issue Campaign and Edward's One Corp

Who am I going to vote for this year? The person who shows the most leadership in preventing global warming. It's a one issue campaign as far as I'm concerned. Right now, I'm leaning towards John Edwards (and you thought I'd say Hilliary).


Why Edwards? Because he has already put together a green core (called One Corp) to start working on the Global Warming problem BEFORE he is elected. That's great for saving the planet and also great for building a big base of supporters with their hearts and minds first. It's what leaders should do, bring people together for altruistic reasons other than just to "get them elected." That's leadership in action.


I can see One Core cementing together the global warming action of millions of individuals - which is very cool. Global warming will take decades to fix. Keeping up the motivation will be the hardest part. Having a group of friends to share the experience with is critical. Magazines, websites, even other programs can provide ideas, but it's the "GROUPS" and good old peer pressure that will be the driving force to pull this off and change the direction of global warming. Ultimately, whomever is elected will be the commander and chief of those groups. If Edwards is elected, those who supported him and the global cause will already by organized and re-energized to put his plans into faster action.

Earth Day is upon us - Sunday, April 22 - it's time to get personally involved hugging trees and each other as we prepare for the ultimate test of our humanity.


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