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March 06, 2007

How did I live without OneNote?

Office_2007_pic Thank you Microsoft for updating OneNote and turning it into the multi-tasker's/ tabber's, mega tool. It's a woman's right arm, left brain and new best friend - this woman anyway... It's a product I hope every woman changes to as we have lots to do in the next few years.

A new laptop put me into upgrade mode. It came with Vista pre-loaded and of course, a chance to put on the old Windows XP or jump to Office 2007. I went for 2007 and the full "Ultimate" package of which OneNote is included. The Ultimate package also made me dump ACT which is a software I have been using for 10 years.

I was stunned at how easy OneNote was to use and use and use. It's now my primary tool for composing and filing information into sortable/re-sortable files and folders. I wish I had OneNote while writing my book and first blogs and saving files for future reference and… you name it. 

It's also integrated into Outlook. Let's say you read something really cool in an email/website/rss feed/blog that you want to use in a later blog. Highlight it, click on OneNotes notepad, paste. Voila! It's clipped and saved and NOTED where it came from, and you barely had to stop reading the paragraph. 

Can't remember where you filed something? OneNote searches by a word or phrase and it will filter through everything but your underwear drawer looking for it. What a time saver and brain saver. AND, if you get hit by the proverbial bus, OneNote is so intuitive and transparent that even a 6th grader could figure out where you were in a job and continue working.

What is especially nice is that it saves EVERYTHING without you having to do it. How often have you multi-tasked between emails and phone calls and forgot to save a half written blog or email? THANK YOU Microsoft, for solving that problem.

OneNote is everything a girl would ask for to keep her professional and personal life organized. Take the demo and then take the leap and leave Windows XP behind. Treat yourself to a tool that will keep you productive and not frustrated.


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