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February 06, 2007

There's No Stopping the Climate Shift?

Last week the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released the first of several reports to put an end (or a beginning) to what exactly is Global Warming. The opinions of 2400 scientists from 130 countries were combined, analyzed and peer reviewed over the last six years. They all agreed, it's getting hotter and man made activity most likely caused it, by either adding CO2 to the air or cutting down the trees that could take the CO2 out of the air.

For those of you who skipped seeing "An Inconvenient Truth," take the time to read the report's 20 pages. Over 2400 scientists can't be wrong and having one report puts us all of us on the same page - Global Warming is here to stay... apparently for a long time.

Page 12 of the report concerns me the most: "Anthropogenic warming and sea level rise would continue for centuries due to the timescales associated with climate processes and feedbacks, even if greenhouse gases were to be stabilized." Yikes!

That makes sense, when I really think about it. Earth is a closed system. We took CO2 out of the ground (oil, coal, gas) where it wasn't part of the air and then put it into the atmosphere. It's not as if it's going to leave the gravitational pull of the earth, nor turn back into oil and slide back under earth's crust. The only natural way out is for plants to breathe it in and convert it back into oxygen and that's going to take a while.

Friday's LA Times frontpage headline read "No Stopping Climate Shift..." I didn't like reading "no stopping," we're a take change, see results, sort of society and we don't like to take "no" for an answer. It makes me want to throw in the green towel right now, but I won't.

Personally, I want to err on the side of "trying." I use to drive a low mpg car until I knew better, then I switched to a high MPG and bike more. I used to buy fruit flown in from Chile, now I eat what's in season and locally grown. Little by little as more products and services become available, I'll incorporate them into my life. I'll do it for the same reasons that I did it before we knew that climate change was so irreversible, because it makes the planet a better place and those who make and maintain green type businesses are just, well, more ethical in my opinion. They put "green living" ahead of profits and that makes them someone I want to support.


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Please dont lose sight of the fact that America is boiling the Ionisphere, spraying toxic poisons over some 27 counties (perhaps more) then making trillions of $ out of the damage these do to the human immune system. Many countries are seeding for rain after HAARP has deliberately created droughts.

Lets not forget the deliberate dumping of Toxins into the Seas, including Radio active materials, not to forget the IE. Nuclear Submarines under water mishaps & last but not lest We need to know if America has buried Radio Active materials in the Antarctic.
Can any one get close enough to the radio activity in Alaska to compare conditions with the Antarctic, (where it is Radio Active?)
The criminal mass felling of oxygen making forrests has got to be a calculated decision by the `MAD'....but worse the public is not making a criminal case out of this.
Alaska is about to lose it trees soon also, if Americans dont stop them.
When it is stated that global warming is man created, its the intent of the Globals that the public feel guilty & stand up & accept the blame because we want things. They dont want you to think about how the multi nationals refuse to listen to our demands & how they spend billions brainwashing the public to buy, buy, buy to fill their coffers.
What about residue from wars.
Lets stop getting all emotional & start dealing with Causes instead of bleating about the effects.
Putting a number of globals in prison & take their businesses from them would be a good start.

Start thinking in terms of how it is the Public who IS THE GOVT & it is the public who pay the wages of agents (or servants if you like) to plan & organise for the welfare of ALL.
That turned out to be a big laugh didnt it, WHY! because the public allowed these servants to convince them that they are better than, more important than the public. All this & much more
done because they believe they are superior.
Perhaps we should get Dr Phil to
overhaul the public's selfimage & come to think of it he can have a go at bringing these people we call Globals down to earth.
None of this is new The rich have always coveted owning & controling everything since they as earliest Traders gave themselves illustrious titles.

Judith - I couldn't agree with you more. Manufacturing and mass consumption got us into this mess and smart manufacturing and conscious consumption must get us out. Dismantling the economic system, won't help. We have to dance with the one who brung us whether we like it or not. To that end, if we sponsor those who are doing the good work of being sustainable, we support green action AND keep the economy going.

I also agree with your political stand. Our "leaders" aren't leading, they are but middlemen at this critical time and the political process only slows down change. Only if/when the masses self-educate and make proper choices, as in sometimes NOT buying something, then we'll see change. Luckily it only take a small percentage to provide a turning point. Thank you for your passion and willingness to post on the subject.

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