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December 12, 2006

The GoGreenGift, a bright idea in gift bags

Bulb What do concerned women want to give and get for Christmas? Thanks to Al Gore, an end to global warming is certainly high on their list.  (If you haven’t seen An Inconvenient Truth yet, buy it, rent it or go to one of MoveOn.org’s Inconvenient Truth parties on Dec. 16th.)

So… what to do, what to do… how do I give a gift that will reduce global warming?

I love the spirit of the holidays and don’t want to be a Grinch, but also don’t want to give more “stuff” for stuff’s sake. Out of control consumerism is at the root of many of our environmental problems today. With that in mind I went surfing for products that were earth friendly and found www.gogreengift.com.

The gift has everything a call-me-Al person would want and actually need. The organic cotton sampler bag contains everyday products that address each environmental issue we face as well as magazines and ideas for turning New Year’s Resolutions into New Life Resolutions.

The $45 Go Green Gift Bag contains:
- For Saving Energy: 2 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, which cut energy up to 75% of standard light bulbs.
- For Saving Water: A low-flow Showerhead
- For Pesticide Free and Free Trade treats:
    o Sweetwater Organic Fair Trade Coffee
    o Prince of Peace Organic Green Tea
    o Stretch Island Organic Raspberry Fruit Leather
- For Safe Body Care:
    o Jason’s Lavender Shampoo
    o Jason’s Lavender Conditioner
    o Eco Lips Organic Lip balm
    o Mama’s Magic Myrrh Salve
- For the Newly Enlightened Brain
    o Mother Earth’s EcoGuide, “WHY and HOW to Go Green,” by Trish Riley
    o E / The Environmental Magazine
    o Coupons and Resource literature from Organic Valley Cooperative
- For a Petroleum Free Net (well, less petroleum anyway)
    o “Think Host Earth” a Web hosting powered by the wind and sun!

AND, it comes in an organic cotton grocery bag. Reusable bags are the first step in eliminating the tons of plastic bags that accumulate in our kitchen closets, in our landfills and our ocean. In the ocean they don't degrade and kill more than 100,000 wild sea creatures each year. [One cotton bag isn’t enough. Keep 5 of them in your trunk and use them every time you shop.]

Trish Riley is behind this earth-friendly and friend-friendly idea. She is an award winning eco-journalist who has been writing about environmental issues for the past 15 years. Two years ago she put the gift bags together for her family at Christmas and they liked them so much, that she decided to offer them to everyone. Trish thinks it’s a great way to introduce friends and loved ones to the importance of saving our environment for the children of the future. By choosing items that represent each area of the main environmental issues (power, water, food) she hopes to educate the public well beyond the holidays.

Go Green! Go Trish!


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