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October 30, 2006

Trusted Women make the NY Times and WECAI

Did you catch the NY Times article on "What Do Women Want"?  My Ask Patty pal, Jody DeVere is featured in it as an example of what women want in the car industry.  It turns out that another new friend, Julie Gilbert of Best Buy's Women's Leadership Forum is also quoted. Both were mentioned as examples of what's working in the marketplace. Ask Patty is doing it's best to bring women and car dealership to a new level of understanding. Julie and Best Buy is doing the same by reaching/teaching women from the sales floor to the front door via their Geek Squad initiative. Business is starting to see the benefits and profits when it embraces it's feminine side.

The NY Times isn't the only place that talked about what works for and with women. This weekend was the kickoff for WECAI's Women's Internet Marketing Summit. What's that you ask? Oh just another idea by Heidi Richards the founder of WECAI. I stumbled onto WECAI and Heidi last year. This year, I can't go anywhere without seeing her typeface prints. She is determined to get women wired and working on the web. To do so she has tapped the best of the best and to keep it within a women's budget and accessible, she made it all virtual.

I logged/called in to hear Yvonne DiVita, Toby Bloomberg and Susan Getgood speak on "Harnessing the Blogosphere". They were joined by Marianne Richmond and Jeneane Sessum. They all cut to the chase of what you should know before you "write" a wrong. That session alone is worth signing up and getting the podcast and powerpoint. If you're in business, it's a MUST hear/read especially if you want to work with women professionally.

I stayed to also hear Lena West "Creating Your Internet Marketing Strategic Plan" and by then I was hooked for the day. (Lena guest blogs on Yvonne's Lipsticking)

The event is still running, feel free to sign up. It's not women only, just women focused. You'll get podcasts of events that you missed.

Congratulations to Jody, Julie and Heidi for focusing on women and proving that it works for everyone.


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