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October 07, 2006

North of the border review

I have my first out of country review by Wayne Hurlbert who hangs his scarf in Manitoba, CA and on his site Blog Business World. Wayne's the first guy who has stepped forward on book tour to comment. I talked to him the other day and he isn't the least bit threatened by this women WITH women movement. In fact, he thinks the recognition that women ARE the majority consumer is long overdue and likes the changes that it's bringing to marketing.

Thanks for your comments, Wayne, I'm looking forward to hearing more when we go live on your BlogRadio program Oct. 12 at 5 PST.


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I love your book and hope you visit the S.F. / Marin area
- Kare Anderson www.sayitbetter.com

Yhanks for appearing on my Blog Business Success Radio show. You were very informative about marketing to women, the change in culture that has increased the influence of women, and the growing importance of women in the marketplace. The entire interview is available for download from my show Archives at:

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