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3 posts from July 2010

July 21, 2010

Women as Trust-o-Meters: Does Your Message Pass the Test?

In a study of male and female responses to the BP message, you'll see a dramatic difference in what women feel positively about and what they DON'T. Thank you to Neuromarketing for bringing this to our attention.

'The reactions charted on the screen are Innerscope’s tracking of viewer engagement as determined by heart rate, sweat, and other biometric measures. Low levels, the firm says, indicate low viewer engagement and/or a negative reaction. '

July 17, 2010

DeVita Does Dickless Marketing, Can You?

Screen shot 2010-07-17 at 8.42.27 AM On Monday, Yvonne DiVita, LipSticking Queen and publisher of In Women We Trust, (the book) will be speaking on our favorite topic - Marketing to Women by Women.  Be sure to listen into the program hosted by Simple Truths for Women Entrepreneurs. 

Yvonne will be joining others as she reveals what she's learned about this market-moving culture that has gone from "trend" to "mainline-never-to-turn-back-fact" on MONDAY, July 19th at 3:00 p.m. (PST) 

Yvonne caught my eye years ago when she wrote "Dickless Marketing," what's not to love about someone who isn't afraid to be so cheeky? She is a pioneer on the topic of why women think, act and buy differently than men. 

We've been promoting each other for years, which is sort of the point -- why do women talk and promote each other's work and how can your company/product be part of that circle of influence?  This is goes way past girly, and straight to the core of the women-driven media. It doesn't matter if you're selling organic food or sustainable wall panels, if you want to know how to generate buzz in an authentic way using word-of-mouth,  tune in on Monday and find out how. 

July 13, 2010

Anne Younglove: Creating a Template for Green Tech Teaching

Wouldn't it be great if your teenager could graduate from High School and be able to earn $18-$20 an hour immediately?  Thanks to Anne Younglove and her colleagues, they can. 

Anne championed the idea of turning a typical business training program for solar panel installation into curriculum for high school students -- the kids not only graduate from high school, but they have a job waiting, if they want it. 

Is it working? So far Back Bay High has an outstanding 97% attendance rate of which 99% of the students graduate. In honor of that achievement Back Bay High was named a model school by the state of California. 

Kathy Evans is the solar installation class instructor, she started out teaching biology and then went hands-on into solar. She is a role model to other teachers and especially the young women in her classes. One female student decided not to go into solar installation, but because she was no longer afraid of science, she confidently turned her talents towards the medical field. 

Everyone wins in this apprentice-like system, the solar panel companies don't have to educate their new hires and the students get a hands-on, real-life education. On top of learning the basics of solar panel installation, they also learn about the marketing, operations and the nuance of running a small business from REC Solar

Anne told me that Sharp handles the installations; Suntrek is the thermal and solar photovoltaic supporters of the curriculum; Heritage has been a helpful adviser; and Global Village Green have been big supporters and are encouraging the school to move forward on Environment Auditing." 

It's good to see apprentice-type programs are making a come back. It's an amazing confidence booster to be able to make something with your own hands. 

I'll let their video tell the rest of the story. Nice work Anne!