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3 posts from December 2009

December 15, 2009

New, Greener Traditions

My Grandmother sent postcards. My Mother slaved over hundreds of Christmas Cards keeping track of each one sent and each one received. At some point the list got the better of her and she cut back to just those who were out-of-towners. For years I hand made my cards. What was I thinking?

As I read my Facebook page and feel the frustration of my friends and the holidays already getting the better of them, I wonder maybe it's time for a new tradition.

Picture 56
I love the tradition of sending and receiving cards. I line them up around my livingroom and wrap myself in their seasonal love. But I can get that same love in email if it saves paper and the carbon footprint of mail trucks and the wear and tear of friends. This year I'm going digital and I'm encouraging others to do the same.

I'm not going to give up making the cards, just giving up on the postal variety. I hope I'm forgiven in Hallmark Heaven. 

December 06, 2009

Business Climate Change - Move one woman and you'll move many

Picture 72 It's Sunday night and the votes and endorsements have yet to tallied for who won the Hopenhagen contest for sending a citizen to Copenhagen Climate Conference

As the counting continues, we have much to be proud of. While others spent weeks building up their headcount of voters, Diane (here) made it to the top of the charts in three days. Imagine what we could have done if we knew about the contest sooner. Diane is also hosting our Green Mom Carnival this month.

Helping Diane up in the ranks took many, MANY women (and men). The list is a cross section of the change agents from those helping companies watch their carbon footprints to women who are relentlessly educating others. The Eco Mom Alliance, who threw in their support is a terrific example of women not only changing their carbon footprint, but getting companies to change theirs via their momfluence. 

We work to inspire and empower women to reduce global warming and propel an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable future. To do this, we utilize the historically proven power of education, mothers and community action, and in this way create a global network of change leaders - an EcoMom Alliance.

I met Eco Mom founder Kimberly when we shared a panel at an LA conference. She spoke about the hands on changes her group of 7,000 moms were making and I spoke about the standards that needed to be endorsed to put everyone on the same playing field. Today her group is 12,000 strong. 

I have to ask, are there any men-only-groups doing the same thing? I'm not asking to point fingers as much as to make a point - after the speeches and promises at Copenhagen, the women who have been working hard on Climate Change issues before the conference will be the ones still working after the conference closes. 

December 02, 2009

I'm Trusting in YOU this time

Picture 17 Dear Readers, this blog is about using your power of your purse, posts, and peers to change the world. Now is the time and here is your moment to show the world of politicians and corporations that you and your immediate peers carry clout and can send it!   

Vote Here (you'll need to sign up for Huffington Post)

As the world is getting more messed up, the voices of those who are being directly affected to clean up the mess are being pushed to a back seat - that's YOU the average citizen and cherished female consumer. In the end it is US the average Janes of the world that must carry on the hard work of social change.

Vote Here

That is why we lobbying to have Diane MacEachern represent us, the women of the US, at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit on December 7th. Diane has put her passion into the planet for over 40 years. She has worked inside the Sierra Club, marketed countless non-profits, lobbied for action in DC, and wrote several books to help the average Jane save money and provide a healthy environment for her family, city and country. 

Vote Here

Diane also has a highly read blog, Big Green Purse to carry concepts further. We'll be sending decades of dedication and experience. I can't think of a better person to carry a message forward and provide context and follow back to the collective "us."  Thank you - Mary