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September 22, 2009

Begging Works!

According to Dan Zarrella in the "The Science of Retweeting" begging works as well as many other things.

Although conventional wisdom suggests that SPAMmy pleas, such as "PLEASE RETWEET," would be generally ignored, Zarrella found the opposite. "Please" and "retweet" were his third and fourth "most retweetable" words, preceeded only by "Twitter" (duh) and "you." Also worth noting: "Check out" and "new blog post" were Nos. 19 and 20, respectively.

This summation is a must read for anyone trying to make their point with the larger population.

So, in line with this I'm begging YOU to buy less, buy better and conserve your personal and household energy. If you need a crash course in motivation, take your kids backpacking for the weekend and find out what you really need to survive and what isn't worth carrying...

First do no harm... Conserve!

Dedicated to this month's Green Mom Carnival on resource conservation. You'll find it hosted over on Mindful Momma who has a new book coming out soon. A big welcome to the newest members of the carnival!

What if we all took the eco-version of the hippocratic oath and then put some action behind it. 

  • Eat less, but real food that comes in it's own little skin. 
  • Use less energy (and buy cleaner energy).
  • Use less water, but without giving up showers, cooking or gardening. 
  • Less wine, but the really good stuff when I do splurge...

Conservation doesn't mean doing without, just doing better with what we have.

Here in OC, conservation of water and energy has become a reality, especially after millions and MILLIONS of gallons of water were dumped on the recent fire that has yet to be contained. 

I've switched out my shower head and after seeing how many gallons still filled the tub - started taking shorter showers. 

Our energy bill is so low that it's laughable by my friends back in winters-coming-on Minnesota- $30 for utilities doesn't seem fair to those with bills in the $300 range. And yet, I bet I could find more places to cut back and not miss any fun by doing so. 

My biggest switch to a less-is-more lifestyle came with the Farmer's Market. By buying fruits and veggies that I had to carry in many bags by myself I became more selective and mindful. Did I really need a bag of apples or would 7 (one a day) be good for the week? I found when I bought only what I knew I would eat in 7 days made me buy less and the food never spoiled - it was always gone by the following week. Of course I always carry my reusable bags.

This summer I put in drought tolerate plants in the front planters. Not only do I save on water, but I save on replacing the not-so-tolerant plants that always ended up dead if I missed a day. Happy plants mean a happier me and less work. 

Changing these little things didn't do me any harm and in each case saved me cash.