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May 23, 2009

Why Every Woman Needs a Mac (and a Shawn)

Moms Rising now has 1 million members. BlogHer is having it's biggest convention, ever. Green Mom Groups are growing like spring grass and Womego is launching it's online version of 500 women owned magazines (36,million subscribers).  That's a lot of online women performing a lot of online work.   Many of us work out of our home offices without IT departments. If you're reading this and are ready for an office makeover, get yourself a Mac with the Apple service plan and their incredible staff.

Here's why.

I've been a die hard PC user since before 28.8 dial up days. I purchased a Gateway from Best Buy on the last go around. When I took it home and fired it up, the space bar didn't work. I immediately went back to the store and that was the beginning of customer service agony that cost me two days, numerous phone calls as well as talking to an endless stream of Best Buy employees - all very nice, but none of them would step up and help me solve the problem only pass me on to another.

By the time I repeated my story for the 13th time... While I applaud Best Buy's WOLF project (Women's Leadership Forum), all the women in the world can't overcome poor store polices.

Compare that to what I just experienced in the Irvine, CA Apple Store.

I wandered into an Apple store a couple weeks ago while strolling the mall. I'm noise phobic and Best Buy's noise level drives me crazy, but looking into the very crowded Apple store had the reverse effect. I wanted to be in THERE with the rest of the kids and parents and grandparents. They were having so much fun!

Mac ShawnAn hour later I walked out with my first Macbook and matching ipod. I wasn't under any pressure to get a Mac, my Best Buy Gateway was "ok', but I hated it. Not only did it give me pains in my hands as the bars still need to be pounded on to work, it was a constant reminder that awful 48 hours of consumer hell that Best Buy put me through. 
But that's not the whole story.
Shortly after buying the Mac I fell down some cement steps and the Mac didn't bounce as well as I did. The recyclable aluminum casing folded in right around the CD drive. Any other place would have been fine, but it had to be there. Bummer. I had no choice but go see what they could do to fix it. 

With sadness in hand I returned to the store and learned that it would take three days to get it fixed. I didn't have three days. That's when Shawn (in the picture) looked at me and said, "I want to make you happy, let me talk to the manager." He came back with the most amazing offer, if I agreed to pay the $129 re-stocking fee, I could have a brand new computer. DONE!
And since they now had a promo to go with new MacBooks I could have a new printer/scanner/copier for $100 along with the $100 rebate (that's right, FREE) DONE AGAIN!! And then with a store full of lunch crowd people milling about, he unboxed the new computer and transferred all my files over to the new one. Meanwhile I barely broke my work pace as I continued to write blog posts and answered email on the Mac next to it.

My new best friend Shawn held my hand and helped me through the entire process taking me from self-loathing into being a productive, happy person again. He not only transferred all the data in between other customers, he also filled out my $100 rebate card. Look at that picture again, that's the face of a happy, very satisfied customer.
What's not to love? 
I was out of there in under two hours with a new computer and plastic protection case. The best part (for me) is that ALL the employees I've intersected with in that store have been outstanding. Shawn wasn't a fluke, he was the norm. BTW - In all my excitement I left the store missing one cord. By the time I got home, Shawn emailed me that it will be at the Genius desk with my name on it. Thanks again, Shawn.
If you want your own private IT staff and service center on top of an simple and seamless machine to use, don't wait for current computer to go south, buy a Mac now. The MacBook also has a Gold Epeat rating making it good for the environment as well.

May 14, 2009

Do Women Executives Recession-Proof Their Companies?

Rosener My thanks to Mark Klein, a life-long friend and Senior Business Analyst who also has time to read during his commute into NY City each day. Today, he found this tidbit. I'll have to forward it to Judy Rosener the visionary who wrote "America's Competitive Secret - Women Managers back in 1995!
The more women on a company's senior management team, the less its share price fell in 2008, according to an analysis of companies from the French CAC 40 stock exchange index. The stock prices of companies led by executive teams with 38% or more women declined less than the CAC 40 average of 42.7%, while stocks of companies with more male-dominated management teams dropped more than the average. Herm├Ęs was the only large company whose share price rose (16.8%) and it has the second highest percent of female executives (55%).

Source: CERAM Business School

May 11, 2009

Story of Stuff hits 5.5 million viewers and the NY Times

What's it take to get mass media's attention? Apparently 5.5 million viewers. That's where Story of Stuff ranks now according to their front page. Last weekend the NY Times took notice. Thank you (again) Annie Leonard for such inspirational work.

I first reviewed this remarkable 20 minute video a month after it came out. On the high heels of my last post on the Mother of Capitalism, it's time to tie both of these thoughts together - the buying moms of the world making GOOD capitalist decisions. It's our duty and our responsibility.

Those decisions include buying LESS STUFF and things that LAST LONGER and things that DON'T HARM THE EARTH. As the dominate buyers, it's our duty to make smart purchasing decisions.

Detractors argue that Story of Stuff doesn't help, only scares people. Yep. It does and thank goodness it does because fear is a far better motivator than "feel better." There is a very good solution already here in the form of sustainable product standards. All women have to do is demand that they are used.

Sustainable Product Standards will make sure all stuff, is the right stuff. Stuff

May 08, 2009

Holy Mother of Capitalism Day, "The Determinators" have Arrived

Maryanne Milker's Mom's Blogger Club told her, she emailed the Green Mom Carnivaland then she called me about the Nielsen Buzz Metrics report showing blogging moms influence as "The Determinators" of market share.


That's what this post is celebrating - a shift in social thinking that just happens to hit on Mother's Day weekend. Go Moms! (A big thank you Maryanne for the heads up and a congrats to Clean and Green Mom Sommer and Organic Mania Lynn for making the top 50 list.) Register for Full presentation coming up on May 28th.


Neilson momI received stats this morning from the flip side of buying - the review side. I have many such sites listed on the left side of this blog. Because of that Reviewcentreasked if I could list them along with the rest. I said "Sure, show me your stats." According to my contact at Reviewcentre, the 09 Freshminds report "highlighted 67% of reader respondents were female, 33% male. 35% are aged between 25-34 and 24% between 35-44 years old."


Review center Makes sense, if you buy the stuff and use the stuff then you'll be more opt to write about the stuff later. If the majority of people buying the stuff are women, then the majority of people writing the reviews will also be women. 


What Neilsen Buzz Metrics did in this slide show was bless the trend that is turning into a tipping point media. Just like they report on who watches what TV show, they'll be reporting on women's social media stats from now on. 


As excited as I am about this blessing of the obvious, I'm more thrilled that women will now see the stats over and over and know that what they BUY makes a difference. What they SAY makes a differenceWho they TALK TO makes a difference.


The only thing left to do is educate women on sustainable product standards and watch the world turn safer, cleaner and a more socially responsible shade of green. Women are the will, corporations are the way and sustainable product standards will keep us all honest.

May 03, 2009

Welcome Womego to the Women's Online, but local Media Scene

WomegoWomego is bringing offline readers into the social media world from a target group of 500 women owned publications which currently serve over 36 million subscribers. The publications reach every state, but Alaska and over 100 markets.

Terry Gamer (above), is the CEO of Womego and President of Gamer Publishing Group (which was acquired by Capital Cities/ABC). She brought Women's Group, APCO Worldwide and Neighborhood America together to build this Adult Women Social Media Community. She is the spokesperson who greets you when you first come into the site.

Just like the NY Times and other publications had to move online, Womego will be bringing the content of these women owned publications on line and offering a bridge between the on line world and local news. Besides readership, Womego also beings the publications' 25,000 writers producing 200,000 feature stories each year into the fold.

You can tell that Womego is going to be different, it has ENVIRONMENT as one of it's headline topics. It flags that Terry understands the next market is going to be a combination of sustainable business and the women's social media. Kudos for being ahead of the curve, Terry!

Right now Womego is in beta, but it hopes to be out of that test mode by June. Go ahead and surf around.

Congratulations on your launch!