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3 posts from February 2009

February 25, 2009

Clean up on the Banking Aisle...

IcelandThe "meek" may not be inheriting the earth, but it looks like we are inheriting the mess.

The Washington Post askedand answered the question that perhaps the financial world would be a better place if women were running things. At the very least, it suggested that enough women should be on boards to balance out the testosterone, as high risk taking is was got us into this mess. (seriously) It's an interesting article that's worth pondering.

Meanwhile, last week in downtown LA, I was privileged to address a newly formed group of Senior Executive women in commercial real estate. The members consisted of loan officers, lawyers, title companies... anyone tied to commercial properties. They wanted to know more about social media and being able to link and network their ideas and talents at a very high level.

This was the second meeting for this "invitation only" group. The presentation was on how to use Linked In for a net working tool, but the questions quickly centered on the communication issues between men and women.

Guys reading this post. If you have any insights into how you do networking differently than women, I'd be happy to let the ladies know.

February 10, 2009

The Green Mom Carnival Wins a Shorty Award

GM shorty Green mom carnival Tonight,  members of our Green Mom Carnivalwill be in NY to accept a Shorty Award in the GREEN CATEGORY. Go Girls!  Shorty Awards (Twitter) go to the best producers of short content under 140 characters.

Lynn Miller (Organicmania) organized the Green Moms Carnival last year. Each month different bloggers in the core group host a topic, but between those times whatever we post shows up on twitter.com/greenmoms. Maryanne Milker, (The Not Quite Crunchy Parent) created the Twitter connection. That one site became a clearing house for our day-to-day postings. She is also starting a Facebook spot. Like most of us, Maryanne isn't new to social media, she's also a lead writer for GreenOptions. Go here for a full list of who is in the founding group.

It should also be noted that between postings there are a LOT of emails, twitters and postings circulating as we help each other become greener in our homes and our professions -trademarks or toxins, sales or sustainability, it all gets discussed. And why not? In our founding group are authors, lawyers, environmental engineers, activists, marketers, and messengers. There's not a slacker among us.

NEXT UP: Anna Hackman who is a lawyer and LEED AP (GreenTalk) captured the moment in and the mamas who made this happen on video. 

February 05, 2009

I believe...

Green mom carnival The very Smart Mama, Jennifer is hosting this month's Green Mom carnival. She asked, "What do you believe?" I believe that women are the will, corporations are the way and sustainable standards will keep us all honest.  Coming up with ONE statement was hard as it also begs the question, how did I arrive at that belief? It made me think about what feeds my opinons.

Each day I scan the NY Times, LA Times and the Minneapolis Star Tribune just to keep a pulse on what is being told to the East, West and Middle Americans. On Twitter and blogs I track what we are saying about Climate Change issues as well as follow ENN and Environmental Leader and all things Green Biz.

When it comes to business, I'm a glutton for The EconomistBusiness Week and of course WSJ.Because I'm in marketing, I devour reports from McKinsey, Eldeman, Pew, and Forester. The Corporate Social Responsibility News Wire and Sustainable Life Media keep me into the know of what companies want me to know. 

I look to see if both sides of the buyer/seller relationship are in sync and where are the disconnects. Is manufacturing meeting the expectations of the passionate Green Bloggers?  Are market researchers on track with the trends popping up on the social media markets - WOMMA, E-Marketer and Marketing Professor?

My industrial sales side latches on to tidbits that are bringing the manufacturing base in line since Climate Change is directly tied to emissions and emissions are tied to production of goods here and aboard.  Then there is Wall Street and the world markets are large.  Each morning I tune into CNBC's Squawk Box to see where the global markets are twisting.

I'm really not an obsessive news junkie as much as a trend watcher and a dot connector. I'm looking for the commonalities, the eternal truths of what is resonating with the masses. 

What do I know for sure when it comes to solving the climate change problem?

If this new economy will become as sustainable as its products, ultimately it will come down the female consumer's voice/wallet working with buisness and standards. Otherwise it will be like managing finanical risk without a common accounting method.

Doing the math, consumer goods are 2/3rds of the US gross domestic product. Over 80% of consumer goods are influenced by female decisions. The US is still the world leader in consumption trend setting. The good life that we enjoy is also the better life that others in China and India want. If American women buy greener, more sustainable products, then we set the trend for the world. Green goods without green buyers stalls the economic engine. The WILL of the American women drives this machine; which is why everyone with a consumer product should be reading the green women bloggers found on www.twitter.com/greenmoms.

How do we get there from here?

I'm going to skip over the business to business steps and go straight to the last leg - Sustainable Standards. If women are the will of the free consumer market and corporations such as Wal Mart the conduit for products, jobs, employee education, marketing and messaging, that leaves Sustainable Product Standards to be the rulebook for consumer demands and business dealings.

Sustainable Standards put transparency and accountability into the economic structure. They give us rules and an even playing field so that companies can do what they do best - compete. In this case compete to be the safest, most planet worthy company around that women love and investors trust.  

Today a list for the Top 100 most Sustainable companies came out. It's based on how well the companies "manage their risk". You can't manage what you don't measure and you can't compete until you have a common set of rules.

Let the games begin.