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May 01, 2007

Women and Transparency Tyranny

Transparency_tyranny May Day, MAY DAY! That's what sellers will be screaming after reading Trendwatching's Transparency Tyranny. This is a "must read" for marketers and a MUST READ MORE by consumers - especially WOMEN consumers who buy 80% of the stuff out there. Ladies, embrace your power!

The Trendwatching article captures much of what we in the marketing-to-women and word-of-mouth market have been saying for sometime. It's very nicely packaged with great examples and visuals which makes it enlightening for consumers of any age.

Here are the 7 talking points:

1. Transparency in reviews and recommendations

2. Transparency in intentions

3. Transparency in prices

4. Transparency in inner company workings

5. Transparency in advice

6. Transparency in best of the best

7. Transparency in triumph

Not only does this give women ideas on how to best take a product to task or triumph, it also provides solid reasons why companies who want to look green, become GREEN in the most transparent way.

This is why those sustainable standards, I keep harping on, need to become part of marketing backbone and message. Doing so protects both the consumer from lousy products that continue to maim our world, and those same standards also protect the companies from Transparency Tyranny. They'll have all the proof they'll need to show that they are in full compliance and doing the right, green thing.

Happy May Day, ladies. It's your time to shine and take back the market. You don't even have to buy anything, just blog about what works for you. In women I trust to make the right decisions and promote the right products.



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