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March 11, 2007

International Marketing by Women's Day

March 8 was International Women's day, but if my feedblitz email was any indication, it was International Marketing-by-Women's Day - marketing via blogs.

First Steve Ruble lead off with a report on a blog started by Genevieve McCaw, a disgruntled Jet Blue customer/turned blogger. Remember the flight that held it's "customers" hostage for 11 hours on a snowy runway? One customer, a woman, was so irritated that she started a blog to recap her frustration and voice her opinion. I have no idea how many people read it, CNN did and then did a story on it mentioning Steve. Steve put it again on his site. I'm not sure who has more readers, CNN or Steve, but now millions have read about Jet Blue's lack of customer service during that day and later, the so-so treatment Genevieve received while having a face-to-face with the President of Jet Blue.

Re: the CNN article:

"McCaw, who described herself as "a huge fan of JetBlue" for years, said she plans to continue blogging but will shift the focus to advocating a federal passengers' bill of rights.

Before her meeting March 2, McCaw said she would not boycott the airline. Instead, she said, she would shop for the best deals on flights rather than remain "a brand loyalist."

Now, she's not so sure.

"I've got two round-trip vouchers with them," she said. "I'm going really to make a point to not put any more money in their pocket. I'll use the vouchers, and then I'll likely be done with them."

Never mess with a woman scorned by love or money or TIME.

Next up, Britt Bravo churns out another fantastic interview. This time with Jody Van Horn. a woman in the Bay area who is doing what she can to get electric cars endorsed and used by large city governments.

"In the first six months we had five Bay Area partner municipalities; San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda and Marin County have all sign on. Out of those, Marin County, Alameda and Berkeley have all placed their soft fleet orders. We're also working with those cities on generating some demonstration projects."

I hope that other car-mazing Jody, Jody DeVere over at Ask Patty, is reading this. She's a big green car supporter as well as just helping women in general figure out what they need to know about buying and servicing their transportation.

Last up was Yvonne DiVita's post on "Sizing up Marketing to Women Online." It focused on - what else - women bloggers and their cumulative clout. She'll be speaking at the BlogHer.org conference in NY in a couple of weeks on the same subject. She quotes an Advertising Age article that stated:

"The average mom blog reader is a 29-year-old female with an annual income of $70,000 who hits five blogs a day and spends four hours a week on them."

She adds that the stats came from BlogAds, the place the has statistics on 56,000 blogad readers. BTW, did you know that women who read blogs tend to be democrats (about 60% of them) Check this out. BlogAd women readers also buy more electronics on line than men 47% to 39% respectively (go figure). Sign more petitions, call more policians... I'll let you filter through the survey and draw your own conclusions. Bottom line, once women or men cross the line and become a blogger, they become part of an elite club of social movers and shakers - be it markets or politics.

My thanks to all the women who type and talk at the same time.


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Great article - AskPatty will be contacting Jody Van Horn for an interview. Thanks for the mention and the heads up on

Jody DeVere
Ask Patty.com, Inc.

Thanks for the mention, Mary. I am in total agreement with the woman who is abandoning JetBlue. I think their response was pitiful. All the more disappointing because I used to consider JetBlue THE only airline to fly. Now... I have a travel agent and she gets me great flights - none of which have been JetBlue.

Yvonne, your comment sort of says it all "I used to consider.." and now it isn't a consideration.

Normally I wouldn’t comment on posts but I felt that I had to as your writing style is really good. You have broken down a difficult area so that it easy to understand. I think that you would enjoy reading what another good blogger has to say on the subject.

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