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August 11, 2006

Just Say QuizNOs

Ok, I'll admit, I've enjoyed my share of Quizno's subs even though they are priced too high for what you get. Having read this, however, I have an additional reason to try the next franchise in the mall.

We can't blame a whole franchise on one kinky marketing guy, but he did more than hit on a 13 year old. According to the Ad Age article, "he" the Senior VP of Marketing "has been involved with some much-maligned campaigns at Quiznos, from the shrieking 'spongemonkeys' to a wisecracking character with the body of an infant but voice of an adult named Baby Bob who hit on adult women."

He wasn't the only one approving those ads, however, and we hope Quiznos goes back to marketing their quality product. The price paid for this kind of advertising is pretty high, too.


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