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June 23, 2006

Viral Marketing and Trust - do the math

There is a read on Media Connection this morning, Yes You Can Predict Viral Marketing by Joe Carrasbis. He sums up the numbers side that corporations need to see before they can say yes to a word-of-mouth campaign. At the core is TRUST and FAIR EXCHANGE or else viral doesn't happen.

Carrasbis and his friends are dissecting the reasons people trust one another to help companies understand how they can harness it. I find it fascinating because what they are trying to capture is what women have been doing for eons - helping, entertaining, teaching each other and using word of mouth to keep everyone in the loop.

Last night I was speaking to a "trust and fair exchange" group, per se called Team Women. They are one of the  thousands of women groups popping up if you include the groups at a book club level. (Most companies would overlook such tiny groups and go for the the mass audience. What women know and what business is just learning is that these small groups are where trust begins.)

Team Women, as mentioned in an earlier post, is a networking group where only one of each business type is allowed per chapter. The group I was speaking to were members from Team Women chapters located all of the United States. Last year they had 0 members, this year, 700. (Go Team!)

Joe's absolutely right when he delves into the importance of trust. That's why women are turning to women for business and advice. They trust each other on a level that goes far beyond marketing manipulation. And, they couldn't be happier that business is beginning to operate like they do.


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It's always nice to meet guys who 'get it.' I keep wondering when they're going to figure out the power of women as a collective group- not just you or me or Team Women, but all of us together.

Looks like Joe is on the right track, anyway.

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