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April 20, 2006

In Word of Mouth We Trust

Our thanks to Andy Sernovitz at WOMMA for his 5 points in How to conduct ethical Word of Mouth campaigns. He focuses on exactly what we've been trying to tell companies - trust is where is all starts and ends for women.

As we noticed while interviewing our gal pals, women will fall in and out of love, but they don't fall in and out of trust - when it's gone, it's gone!

If you compare that to advertising, we all fall in and out of love with ads too, they're entertaining after all, but do we trust their message?  What we trust is the company behind the ad (or not). Ads aren't much more than the clothes you put on each day.The clothes draw attention, but doesn't make that you more trustworthy.

Women already tend to trust each other more and in fairness men probably trust other men more as well. Unfortunately, men aren't buying or specifying consumer goods and services like women are, (over 80% of sales). Since women are only a small percentage of upper management, that leaves the task for creating female-friendly trust points on the guys in upper management. I'll do my best to give them to you in this blog.

Women are the canaries of commerce, like the carnaries who warned miners of gas leaks in mines, they'll warn other consumers when a product or service stinks. Keep them happy, and everyone will be happy.


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